Saturday, 1 December 2012

I moustache you a question...

........but I'm shaving it for later.

Despite the itchiness and constantly having a furry shadow in my lower peripheral vision I have had fun pruning shapes of hair into my face over the last month and can now cross “grow a moustache” off THE LIST.

The Motorhead
The Artist

The Trucker
Also getting crossed off THE LIST I have this week completed my first proper (short – 9mins) movie script in just three drafts (that’s industry talk folks for rewrites – ha ha) I am pretty happy with it and learning all the correct dos and don’ts in my screenwriting course. I decided to make separate list entries for (short) and (feature) so as not to allow me to relax on my original intention of writing a feature length script so it’s really only half a listing crossed off.

Sad news this blog – the nicotine monster has been making a comeback in our game of  “I WIN, YOU DIE”. Will getting stressed help me win? No of course not so I’m not freaking out too much but I do need to regroup and take another shot of “JUST DO IT!” I have quit some things in my time but this is by far the most ingrained, unholy of addictions – kids, let this be a lesson, DON’T SMOKE!

This week I have also booked tickets to Europe for March/April next year thus motivating me to start some real organising for the next travel adventure. It is getting exciting, I skyped my friend Mal in Sweden who is coming with me and the first stages of seeing the northern lights are being put in place, that is going to be SO cool! Extensive planning and research is underway to see just how many European goals I can cross off THE LIST in one trip. So far I have Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Prague, Poland, Hungry, Moscow, France, Amsterdam, Belgium and London!

Addendum - the final remnants: Feburary 2013........................