Monday, 30 September 2013

Make A Movie

I have had a passion for music ever since I can remember. Writing, recording and performing songs always challenged and fed my need to create and be expressive.

Now that passion has been redirected towards film, in particular writing scripts, a much steeper curve has presented itself in being able to foresee a movie project go from a seed of thought to a finished product on the screen beginning as I am, relatively from scratch.

This is a short film but having written and directed “It Is Beyond Everything” my newest creative goal of making, or at least writing, a feature film has become an achievable possibility. I am elated to release this ten minutes fifty one seconds of my vision into the world, buoyed by the prospects and possibilities it poses, another tick on The Life List.

With a huge special thanks to:

Tim Gooding, Film Making and Fun, Bob Starkenburg, Vincent Lee, Jasyl Zonoobi, Dana Kenworthy, Daniel Punton, Marcus Cloherty, Steven Laurent, Matthew Grego, Matt Butcher, Corrine Parker, Eliot Reynolds, Malcolm Larri, Alex Marinkovic, St Canice  - Elizabeth Bay.