Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Get Arrested

So I had a beer and a couple of scotches last night. Got up had breakfast this morning, brushed my teeth and gargled with Listerine as usual then got in the car at 11:30 to drive to work. One minute around the corner and a copper pulled me over for a breath test, I had that kind of relaxed feeling as I pulled over knowing I had done nothing wrong. Imagine my surprise when I blew in the breathalyser and he said “I am placing you under arrest, turn your car off and come with me”

It occurred to me in the police car on the way to the station that I had gargled the Listerine not two minutes before he pulled me over and that must have been the cause of me blowing .07 but I was fairly stunned anyway having never been in a cop car before let alone being taken in for something.

 I blew 0.00 on the “calibrated” breathalyser machine at the station and was dropped back to my car to continue on to work within an hour.

Certainly not a notorious or entertaining story but technically I was arrested and in custody for forty five minutes, something I never expected and so here it is on the Life List.