Monday, 8 October 2012



Set foot on all seven continents

-         Australia
-         N America
-         S America
-         Europe
-         Asia
-         Antarctica
-         Africa

Travel to all Australian states/territories

Drive the Great Ocean Road

Road trip across America in a classic muscle car

Go to Mardi gras in New Orleans

See Machu Picchu

Travel the Channel Tunnel

Ride the London Eye

See Mona Lisa at the Louvre

Eat pizza in Italy

See a sunset in Santorini

See Red Square

Get drunk on vodka in Russia

Visit Auschwitz

Visit Jerusalem

See Petra

See the Sphinx and Pyramids

See Taj Mahal

See Citadel of Salah Ed-Din

See Hagia Sophia

See Potala Palace Tibet

Walk on the great wall

See sunrise over Angkor Wat

See the Cambodian Killing Fields

Smoke opium in the Thai mountains

Full moon party in Thailand

See the Plain of Jars

See Halong Bay

Ride the Ho Chi Minh trail

Go to cherry blossom festival in Japan


Swim the five oceans:

-         Pacific
-         Atlantic
-         Indian
-         Southern
-         Arctic

See the Northern Lights

See a Three Toed Sloth in its natural habitat

Fish for Piranha

See Iguassu Falls

See a full solar eclipse

Go whale watching

Swim with dolphins

Chase a tornado

Go Tubing under a mountain

See snow

See Victoria Falls

Bathe in the Ganges

See Perito Moreno Glacier

Walk on a glacier

Safari in Africa

Photograph lightning

Climb Ayers Rock


Quit cigarettes

Donate blood

Run a 9km

Run a 10km

Run a half marathon

Run a marathon

Be famous for doing something good

Grow a moustache

Date a girl half my age

Date someone met on the internet

Meditate with monks

Have a letter published in a newspaper

Never grow up

Have a conversation with Richard Dawkins

Have a veteran tell me intimate war stories

Get a Mohawk

Grow hair down to my butt

Eat vegetarian for a week

Save a life

Work overseas

Live without a permanent address for six months

Win lotto to cross more off this list!


Finish writing a book

Write a script

Make a movie

Be an extra in a movie

Be on a TV game show

Appear in a video clip on TV

Tour with a band

Have a song of mine played on radio

Write and record my own album

Play a solo gig

Attend the Letterman show

Play a song in Greenwich Village

Stay in the Chelsea Hotel in NY

Stand outside Dakota building where Lennon was shot

Meet someone who knew John Lennon

Get a photo crossing Abbey Rd

See Pink Floyd (with Waters and Gilmour)

Get a million hits on YouTube

Be a subject for an art project


Leave the atmosphere – space flight

Travel at the speed of sound – fighter jet

Drive at 200kmph

Attend a formula one Grand Prix

Attend the Bathurst 1000

Road trip on a bike

Submarine ride

Fan boat ride

Jet ski ride

Hot air balloon ride

Helicopter ride

Mountain bike ride

Elephant ride

Horse ride

Camel ride



Scuba dive
Bungy jump


Make a bucket list

Stay in an Ice hotel

Live in a Hotel for a month

Stay in an over water bungalow

Spend a week in a silent retreat

Protest march for something I believe in

Release a bird from its cage on a mountain at sunrise

Take a random flight

Go without internet for a month

Own less than 200 things

Have a job that is not work

Sponsor a child

Change a stranger’s life significantly for the better

Volunteer in a third world country

Donate to

Marry two people as a celebrant

Qualify for a Guinness world record

Dine in a revolving restaurant

Send a message in a bottle



Buy a round for the whole bar

Bet $100 on red in Vegas

Start my own cult

Attend a tourette syndrome meeting

Go to Burning Man

Be the only white guy in a crowd

Ménage a trios



Trash a hotel room

See a ping pong show

Walk on water in a hamster ball

Eat something weird (rat)

Eat something I killed with my bare hands

Sleep on a park bench

Try peyote

Ayahuasca ritual with shaman

Get shot

Fire a:
- AK47