Saturday, 13 October 2012

Welcome, thanks and the mission statement


For the last six months following my previous adventure I have been assessing, re-energizing and realigning motivation with focus resulting in “My Life List”. With some inspiration from Joel at The Impossible List and with John from the Life List in mind (who quite frankly makes me look like I’ve been standing still in a coma for the last forty years!) I formulated my own take on the list. Yes it is a bucket list as such but that is not exactly the spirit of what I was aiming for when I decided to publish this so as well as things I want to do - goals and dreams - it has things I have already done - memories and milestones - hence the word “life” in the title. 

The idea of a list like this is to have everything from immediate simple goals to the seemingly impossible so there is always something that can be achieved “now” and always something for “later”. The beauty lies in the areas for expansion, as time goes on and I learn more about myself and the world the list will be added to as well as having things crossed off. I can think of ten more things to add right now off the top of my head but, you have to start somewhere right? So be it whimsical or near impossible, stupid or noble there will always be something to add and always something to cross off.

I’ve had a few “I’d rather just do it than write about it man” remarks which is fine I wish you only the best, each to their own. I can only tell you that for me this has pin pointed my otherwise erratic focus and been hugely cathartic and motivational at the same time. I encourage anyone to at least think about it and if you do, I dare you…………………..go on, take the red pill!

So for now I just wanted to get this intro down and get back into some writing. I’ll be updating as things transpire or if I just feel the need to throw some thoughts out into the ethos. I welcome any feedback or suggestions and in particular any help in getting me through the list whether you are a drunken millionaire who wants to buy me plane tickets or someone who wants to tag along for an adventure. In the next Blog I will let you know what I'm working on right now and what's on the horizon,