Saturday, 2 February 2013

I Hope That Someone Gets My........

Mid January I spent a day with my friend Rachael (one of the few other people I know who has an actual physically written down "bucket list") and on the spur of the moment we decided to cross something off my list so we went to The Gap at South Head and......................

..........sent a message in a bottle.

So it's February and next week I start working on a new goal from THE LIST. To my utter amazement I will be directing the first of three shooting days on the filming of my short movie script "It Is Beyond Everything". This has really come from out of nowhere in a beautiful story of fate and destiny colliding unexpectedly but I will do an update on that in the near future.

However the big adventure starts in March and I am so excited - Europe here I come! From extremes of nature to cross off THE LIST something as simple as seeing snow (that's right in forty years I have never seen snow!) to something as amazing as the Northern Lights.

I have timed my whole trip to arrive in one of the best places on earth to view them, Abisko National Park for four nights in the north of Sweden on the new moon, so the sky is as dark as possible to increase my chances, in March the peak month in a year where solar activity is producing some of the best displays in fifty years! Yes a lot of work has gone in to the planning of this!

Then on to other extremes of history and humanities highest and lowest ebbs and everywhere in between in locations representative of the birth of democracy and the holocaust, to artistic and architectural masterpieces, religious institutions and pivotal cultural crossroads...............I am so grateful for this life and my chances to live it. I just wish I had thought of something as poignant as this to write earlier when I sent the message in a bottle instead of the spontaneous but crappy little message I did send!