Monday, 4 March 2013

It Is Beyond Everything

I’m not going to cross it off the list yet as it’s not technically finished but filming has finished for - IT IS BEYOND EVERYTHING.
A script I wrote last year and have spent the last month directing with the help of some amazing people that have entered my life. Namely Bob Starkenburg (guru, editing and sound) Vincent Lee (camera) Daniel Punton (lighting and general all round whiz) as well as Jasyl Zonoobi (Assistant Director and clapper) Dana Kenworthy (lighting) and Steven Laurent, Matt Butcher and Matthew Grego (actors).

It has been an exhilarating, steep learning curve having no real idea of what being a director actually involves – jumping in the deep end (or actually being thrown in) and entirely grateful for the unexpected privilege as well as being totally caught off guard with the opportunity to cross off the LIFE LIST – “Make a movie”!

Bob and Vincent will be editing over the next couple of months while I am crossing off some European LIFE LIST goals making the completion date somewhere in the middle of this year.

Also in the last month I have been displayed in an art gallery as part of Meredith Schofield’s exhibition “Compassion Fatigue” and crossed off the LIFE LIST “Be a subject for an art project” 

I also did a brief green screen appearance in another short film and learnt – an actor I am not.