Thursday, 15 May 2014

Visit Buddhas Bohdi Tree

Bodhgaya is the place where after much seeking prince Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree to become Buddha and the most holy place for Buddhists. 

Without planning I arrived the day before the full moon celebration of Buddhas birthday to be at this holy place for the special day. I continue to be grateful for these incredible opportune experiences presented to me by the universe. 
After traveling nearly two weeks in India the first thing that struck me about the small town of Bodhgaya is the relatively clean streets and relaxed, happy mood.  
Being Buddhas birthday there was a great vibe but many people cramming through the security checks and around the grounds on my morning visit to the temple where I saw the 6th generation of the original bohdi tree for the first time. 
In the evening it was more relaxed and I made my way straight to a meditation spot under the tree where I sat amongst monks. 
After a while they stood so I stood as someone handed me a paper lotus and lit a candle at its centre. We began walking and I was thrilled to take part in a procession around the temple, keeping my flame alive and placing the lit lotus in a decoration at the end. 
I have felt the need to make a pilgrimage here for a long time as a seeker of truths and admirer of the Buddhist dharma and left feeling blessed to meditate under the tree and be a part of the celebration. 
I was not not foolish enough to think I would attain enlightenment here or expand my wisdom at all just from a location, I came for the experience. 

It is about the journey, not the destination.