Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hansa Tonstudio

I saw a documentary years ago on Bowie and Iggy and their Berlin years (76-78 when the wall was still up for the recording of Low, Lust for Life and The Idiot). The thing that caught my attention was the studio, in particular the room and technique used for the vocals on Heroes.

My good Berliner friend Ganesha, set me up for a special Bowie tour seeing the studio and Bowie and Iggys old apartment, cafe, restaurant and favourite clubs ending with a Bowie exhibition.

Bowie nicknamed the live room in the studio the "big hall by the wall" because the room is huge and at about 400m you could see the guards in the towers on the wall from the control room window. In a huge list of other artists associated with Hansa are Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and U2.