Sunday, 14 April 2013


No I'm not in Amsterdam yet.....

A new addition to the list "ride the highest swing ride in the world in the oldest amusement park in the world". Wurstelprater in Vienna.

I saw it as I approached the park and with my increasing fear of heights over the last few years thought I must do it. I warmed up on a roller coaster then headed over to the swing.

As I approached my brain screamed "walk away" but my legs walked up to the ticket booth. I stood in line and made the mistake of looking up - yikes!! I managed to hold my ground in the queue until my turn (though i thought of handing my ticket to someone and walking away) then took a seat. Luckily a teenage girl sat next to me so my ego pledged not to scream.

It was a beautiful day and from the top (120 metres) I could see the whole of Vienna, mainly because I was too frozen to look straight down. The girl and I looked at each other with horror on our faces then burst out laughing, we would survive!